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S. Joan Popek's work has won the Eppie 2000 Award, has been a finalist the Eppie 2002 awards, has been nominated for a Frankfurt eBook Award (IEBAF - International eBook Award Foundation), and won several honorable mentions in various contests.  Read more...


A Novel
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A collection of short science fiction, fantasy and horror.

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A Collection of frivolous fallacies
Fairy Tales
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Special News

                     Creative Writing Institute's 

First Anthology

 Featuring The  Spring Fling Short

Story Contest Winners 

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Publication Date: May 12, 2013
OVERRULED! is Creative Writing Institute’s first anthology for beginning writers. Born from the requirement that each entry must include the line, Tonight we rewrite the rules, these 20 stories represent anthology winners from 2013, as well as short stories written by staff and invited guests.The stories range from 1,500 to 2,000 words each. This quick, easy read is priced for tight budgets and designed to keep you enthralled.

Creative Writing Institute is a 501(c)3 nonprofit charity that sponsors cancer patients in writing courses. Proceeds from sales will benefit this cause. Available in Ebook and hard copy. See http://www.CreativeWritingInstitute.com for all your writing needs.

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The Creative Writing Institute.

Our special thanks to the Competition Coordinator and Publisher, Annie Evett of Raging Aardvark Publishing  ragingaardvark.com


 Reviews of S. Joan Popek's work

In recent reviews, Popek's work has been compared favorably with that of Robert Heinlein and Arthur C. Clarke, and editors have called her  "a rising new voice in the genre." 


David Hepplewhite of  U S Times Bestseller List and Reviews called her "The irrepressible S. Joan Popek," and Greg F. Gifune of The EDGE Magazine said, "Ms. Popek is known for challenging her readers, asking them to do more than simply follow her into the worlds and scenarios she creates.  In short, Popek dares the reader to think..."
On this site, you can read a sampling of Jo's work, read reviews of her latest books, download a free book or sample her latest books.


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Here is a site  you must visit if you are a writer or just interested in all things Harvey Stanbrough  

He posts all kinds of help for writers and is the  owner of Stone Thread Publishing.  

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Other news:

I have recently accepted  the opportunity to work with The Creative Writing Institute as a Tutor for the Short Story Writing Class.  I am excited about this as I have missed teaching writing.

  • If you have been thinking of  taking a class, take a look at the offerings at CWI.  It has excellent classes and is inexpensive for new writers, or those who would just like a refresher in your genre or even general writing.
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